First and Bottom layer incorrectly height calculation


New Voxelizer calculates first layer height incorrectly. Probably, due to new features such as BRIM/SKIRT. See attached files:
podkladka_belka_vox20.gcode - created with Voxelizer 2.0
podkladka_belka_ABS_ZMORPH___(EX)_Single_1_75_0_4.gcode - created with Voxelizer 2.1.

The issue is parameter “bottom_layer_empty_Space” which suppose to be used with raft only. See file from 2.1, the line 230 nozzle is set Z=0.25mm then it prints SKIRT. In the line 454, before printing the model, nozzle is set Z=0.35mm the layer is printed with very little extraction because it thinks the layer height is 0.1mm! Result is a model not stick to the table. Next layer (2nd) is printed 0.41mm (0,25+0.16) above the table: line 961. I heaven’t analyze influence of brim/skirt/dot etc. I let this to you :slight_smile: I have also attached very similar gcode generated with old Voxelizer and it looks fine.

podkladka_belka_vox20.gcode (1.0 MB)
podkladka_belka_ABS_ZMORPH___(EX)_Single_1_75_0_4.gcode (800.9 KB)


Hi @pitor, actually, in the file that you attached, two lines down (456), the Z is coming back to 0.25 as expected.

G1 Z0.350 F600.000
G1 X98.735 Y100.271 F5400.000
G1 Z0.250 F600.000


Yes, you have right. I noticed that as well after I had filled filled the report. Actually, I’m investigating issue with printout thickness. First few layers above the “layer 0” are a bit shrinked in compare to upper layers. I supposed this was related to amount of filament on the “layer 0”. Now I’m thinking about influence of solid bottom layer. It looks like exactly solid bottom layers are shrinked.

. So, it might be too much filament but why there is too much above solid bottom layers only? I’d be grateful if you could help with the following uncertainties:

  1. is there a parameter differentiate amount of filament on solid bottom and top layer versus a layer with infill?
  2. I understand the meaning of parameters “First Layer path width” and “First Layer extrusion” but how to adjust them? What are the rules? How they are related to “First layer height”?
    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Regards, Piotr.


I think I have the answer for my problem. I don’t know the solutions yet thus.
The difference between solid layer and normal layer is that solid have shall printed first, then infill. Inner “infill” layer does opposite, first infill then shells! So, probably the fact that there are some infill paths overlapping shells pushes shells outside when the shell is printed after the infill.

  1. What is the rational of such order of print?
  2. Where to change that and what might be the drawback?

I was wrong, not bottom layers are shrinked, but inner layers are extended :slight_smile: