Filament swapping/gcode ideas

I have been using height-triggered gcodes to swap filament and adjust parameters using Voxelizer 2.0.
I also play with layer height settings to finely tune the height of the finished piece.

It would help me if the current slider height were more easily viewed in stages 2 and 3 of the workflow. It could be displayed when the height slider were moused over, or there appears to be room in the interface to make the slider’s circle a bit bigger and display the height, to two decimal places, within it.

Gcodes are currently a master list, with active codes defaulting to what was used in the last open project. For G-code enthusiasts, this is unwieldy, especially since there is a bug which causes carriage returns in previously entered gcodes to sometimes disappear when new codes are added (it may have to do with whether the line has a semicolon, but I have not nailed this behavior down). My current project involves 8 height-triggered g-code sequences, involving filament switches, speed adjustments, and fan adjustments, which are used by various parts. As I prototype I am toggling switches in the G-code panel every time I print.

I would like to be able to specify a customized preset for g-codes just like I can with filament and durability, and have the setting be saved with the project. For my use, each preset should have an independent list of toggleable G-codes; I don’t want flip-a-switch access to every G-code I have used.