Feature Request - Post processor (Plugin) capabilities


I would like to see some sort of plugin feauture that allows the community to add new machines and formats in a documented API way

Personally I work with a couple of printers and have some know how on codding so i’d be intrested in making plugins for the machines i own (Photon/Epax/Phenom, Elfin, Moai).

From these printers only Moai uses Gcode paths, CBD-Tech based printers like Phenom/Epax/Photon use a proprietary format we have maed tools for and published on photonsters.org and elfin uses a similar zip format (cws) with a special format that i have documented on http://www.openmachines.xyz with the plugin I made for Chitubox.

If Voxelizer has a plugin system (hopefully better than chitubox one) i can give it a shot at contributing plugins for some of these machines i own