Exp Voxelizer on Linux unable to import .gcode file


Hey Guys,

I have to admit I am completely new to pretty much all of 3D printing and the software. Somehow I am struggling with a basic thing. Whenever I want to import a .gcode file like one of your examples (stool_cnc.gcode) in the VX-knowledge base, the software ends up giving me a warning (see attached picture)

So far I don’t have a clue where and if the voxelizer-software stores some logs because if so I would check them to give you more details.
Anyways would be glad if we can fix this. If you need more details let me know how I can get them up here

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-04-16

Hi @phamer, thanks for the notice. You should not find this issue anymore in the next upcoming update.