E-mail address in Voxelizer is case sensitive (I think it shouldn't be)


When I run Voxerizer it asks me to login. However, when I entered my e-mail and password, it said that my e-mail/password are incorrect but they were correct. I was entering my e-mail address exactly the same when I have registered. But it turned out after registration it was converted to lower case. This is fine, but then Voxelizer should do the same automatically so comparison would be case-insensitive. Otherwise it is confusing to get such an error - I was entering e-mail and password exactly the same way as I did when registered so it was unclear what’s wrong, and it took me few minutes to figure it out.


Hi @lissanro, sorry for late reply, good point, we will fix this.



i have the same Problem here. I can`t login on Homepage or Software he says always invalid E-Mail or Password. I only can login on Password Forgot Funktion.

I do something Wrong?
The E-Mail and Password are 100 % right i have test it with 2 Accounts

Thanks for Help