Duet wifi Board ( reprap ) Firmware retraction G10/G11


Duet wifi Board ( reprap ) Firmware retraction G10/G11

Diamond 3 head

To retract/Unretact all 3 fillament simultaneously, so no clogging and leaking fillament problem will happen.

Need a option “box” in voxelizer to enable firmware retraction

I use duet wifi board on my Fl SUN 3D CUBE with Diamond 3 ,and Fl SUN BIG DELTA


Hi Andjan,
thanks for the feedback, we will discuss it on Monday. In the meantime did you try to print some small test from Voxelizer? I think that it should work anyway since the retraction moves will be written directly in the gcode instead of being delegated to the firmware.



You probably don’t want all 3 filaments to do that. You only want the active filaments based on your current color mixing settings to retract and advance. Because of the backpressure involved with mixing nozzles there’s the possibility of introducing molten filament into the paths of the ones not being used eventually causing a clog.



I was actually wrong about this. You do want all filaments to retract and un-retract at the same time. Though with mixing hotends you do not want the retraction to be much. 3-4mm max with the Diamond or you risk pulling molten filament close enough to the heatbreak to stick and clog.

Sorry for the misinformation, but I’ll always admit when I’m wrong.