Display of resize amounts isn't accurate enough


I work with making fitted objects a lot. Different prints that fit inside one another, sometimes from different printers. This calls for tiny adjustments of size, especially tiny when its just making up for different filaments that seem to expand/contract very slightly different.

so if you take a model and resize it to 99% You are fine.

Resize model to 0.995 however and you have problems. The display resets to 1.00. It does however make the changes, and printing the object at that point results in the desired size change. Come back and attempt to see if you are working with the original size or the resized version? Nope. Have to re-import or perhaps hit ‘reset’ and go through voxelization again.


Sorry… perhaps this one should have been more in the feedback category.


Hi @davebpokemail, problem clear, maybe we should display one more decimal.


yes please. :slight_smile: That would fix it.