Disable artifact when changing infill material


One of the problems that I am running into more and more frequently is by having a material sit for a while in the Crane Quad the material will jam up and not feed anymore. What I was looking to do and this may not be feasible was to force all 4 of my filaments to run in the infill (25% all 4 materials) without having that color show up on the artifact wall. I am less concerned about the appearance of infill since I am adding more walls to hide it. The hope being that if I keep all the filaments moving I won’t have a jam later in the print and I’d save some time/filament.


A more general idea would be to let the user specify the purge amount per material. It’s somehow in our bucket of ideas, we need to discuss it.


That would be great as well. This is more a matter of having material cooking in the nozzle and not moving as often. I can make color mixes to push x% like 3-5% per color but then it bleeds a little into the print. The hope was that I could have the shell be the color it needs and then the infill just be all colors without having to go back to the artifact to purge to get the infill mix. I don’t know if it’s viable but something along the lines of don’t purge infill to artifact since I don’t care what color it comes out inside the print.


I had some time to sit and mull over your idea/comment. The idea would be that for every custom mix you make you’d be able to set how much you want it to purge instead of a general purge amount that currently exists on the filament preset? So in the case I want to do a 4 color 25% mix I for infill I could tell it to use 0 purge so that it would just start filling in the infill?


Yes exactly like this.


I like it and I think it makes sense. :slight_smile: