Custom Gcode NEW TAB



I just triyed my first print and the first thing i Notice is

  1. print start
    2. Runs my Before printing script (Prime and wipe nozzle)
    3. Stops
    4. Heating bed and nozzle (filament is running out)
  2. start real print
    bad start because of the filament that has run out

My Suggestion is maybe to Rename and add another tap

Before heat and after heat (Beforeprinting)

Then it could be like this more customization

  1. before Heat script (prime and wipe Nozzle script)
    2. Heat begins
  2. after Heat script (what ever people would like)
    4. Print starts (no filament has run out)


just saw i also had some gcodes in new printer settings maybe i can use those. to correct the issue

i started by using an predefined printer profile