CR10s -not the best

Okay, I think I gave this a chance well enough that I can comment. As I enjoy the interface and the lil things about it. I don’t think I will go with it. I always try and figure out a new program and it’s the ability to print better. After 6 benchys I think I’ll stick with simplify 3d. I added the setting I used from Cura to S3d and my prints with minor setting tweaking were great. After trying the same setting and tweaking, I get blobs and stringing which again, SAME settings with some tweaking to try and fix it. I even tried an XYZ cube… that was a bust.
I do enjoy the fact that I see a place to SAVE my settings, not all prints are universal and you can save settings for different types of prints as well as filaments in both cura and s3d I don’t find them here making tweaking a bit complicated.

I think this is off to a great start and I may try it again in the future with more time, but I’m out for now.

GL guys keep up the good work.