Color space incorrect when key is set to black


For the most part the color space calculator works well when setting the first 3 extruders to something other than CMY. However if I change the 4th extruder (key) to black I get a number of issues.

  1. The tone slider to the right of the wheel stops behaving correctly. Sliding it up and down doesn’t effect the 4th extruder.

  2. Trying to move the extruder slider directly makes the colors weird when adjusted.

  3. When adjusting the primary extruders themselves you get a color wheel but no CMY sliders. It makes it pretty hard to pick your exact shade of filament that you have. For instance I’m finding it hard to find a transparent magneta so the closes I have currently is more like the following pink. . I’d like to be able to set the CMYW for that exturder to 0 cyan, 59 Magenta, 29 yellow, and 12 white. I can certainly try and eyeball it as best I can but it isn’t going to match as well as it could and furthermore if it seems a bit off and I want to adjust that is going to be almost impossible. Can we get the sliders added to that as well?

Voxelizer Experimental release notes 2019-02-18


For 1. and 2., that’s true and it’s a limitation of how we precompute the available colorspace (the color waveforms get flattened by the power of the black).

Right now there’s an easy way to overcome this - simply set the slider to a tiny bit before the full black and the mixes should compute properly. We’ll make sure to change it so the full black is not choosable - there are not so many perfect black bodies around anyway, especially not ones you can make a filament from.

For 3. we’ll add a more manual input, perhaps a textbox to directly input a hex value.