Color OBJ requirements/issues


I’m guessing we need to “bake” the colors into the OBJ model for it to work with the image mapping “internal” option??? A 2 minute test with a downloaded obj from turbosquid (unbaked obj, with separate files for materials, etc) was colorless.


Actually this is a bug, to make it load, at the moment the obj, the mtl, and jpg file should be in the same directory (in the Turboquid file the jpg is in the Textures folder). If you have all the three files in the same folder you will get a textured mesh in Voxelizer. However I’ve noticed that it’s not mapping correctly the texture in this file, so that’s another problem. I’ve added it to the bug list. The final gcode though will be correct. Anyway this is a complex model/mapping, so the end result is not spectacular. The texture material works best with simple objects and textures.