Color does not save the color chosen


This is my color choice before I add it to the Colors list. A very bright green.

This is what I get after I add the color. Very dull green. Even though the sliders are the same.

The dot in the middle of the color wheel moves to a different position.


Doug this is not a bug but we should probably review the interface about this.

The fact is that with the 4 colors available it is impossible to achieve the one that you have selected on the wheel (the bright green). So what the algorithm does is to return the closest color achievable (the dull green in this case) to the one that you have selected.

You get the “real” preview next to the material name.


Thank you for the explanation. When I look at the colors available it makes sense, although I suppose it varies with how well the actual filament colors match what you have displayed for cyan, magenta, yellow and white (or black).


I am curious, what filament is that final color based on. (I am trying to get my Quad running but have run into some issues I hope to have solved in the next couple of days.) I am wondering if M3D could give you RGB for their “color-coordinated” filament groups (PLA and ABS-R) if you could work with that?