Changing size of the work area


Hi there,

I started using Voxelizer with my Prusa 3d printer and large CNC machine. The working area of the CNC mill is 1400x1000mm. The CNC workflow in Voxelizer provides a way smaller area (based on Zmorph printer). Is it possible to change the size of the working area somewhere in the Voxelizer configuration? Or possibly define my own machine with other settings? The gcode is fine, even if the toolpaths are outside the zmorph working area, but it is confusing and some models simply do not fit in the application viewport.

I am an MacOS X user. Maybe my issue is resolved in experimental version of the Voxelizer, but it is Windows only.

By the way I am very happy with your software - it if the first CAM tool that allows me to do 3D printing, laser etching and CNC milling at one place. It is just great!



Hey Martin,

Nice to hear you’re trying out Voxelizer with a custom CNC machine!

We’re hoping to prepare a macOS and Linux Experimental versions of Voxelizer in the coming weeks - in the Experimental version it’s easy to add a new machine with custom bed size, be that FDM, CNC or Laser.

Before the macOS version is ready, you can edit the ~/.voxelizer2/Printers/zmorph VX.xml file and change the x_size, y_size and z_size values to those of your CNC machine. You can also copy the file to provide a separate configuration (but do mind that in the Experimental version the configuration system is completely reworked, so the new settings won’t carry over).


Hi Kyp,

this is just perfect. Thanks! I will edit the file for the time being and will wait for macOS version of the Experimental.

I will raise one more idea for a feature. When I generate the gcode with Voxelizer, I have to do some post-processing to alter the gcode file so that it works nicely with my machines. For that purpose I wrote a command line tool written in perl. It would be great if I could execute this directly from the Voxelizer during the export.