Changing default behaviour in number fields


Right now when clicking on a number field Vox reacts by placing the cursor in the box. If click beyond the text in the box it places the cursor at the end of the text. Click in the number somewhere and it places it within that text, but the balance where it decides to go before or after a particular character is pretty touchy.

So you cant do quick entry very well. Add to this that you have to do many of the entries 4x when you have that many extruders, and it makes small adjustments take a while.

It would be helpful if there were a clicking position that would select the whole value. Then you could just quickly type in the value, replacing the old one. If you wanted to keep closer to the current behavior it could work like this:
-click within the value it selects as it does now
-click between the value and the unit, place the cursor at the end of the value
-click beyond the unit it selects the entire value ready for replacement

This would speed things nicely, especially in combination with my previous suggestion of having 1 additional column that would change all the other extruders to that value.


Depending on the area I usually use the tab key which highlights the text in the next box to make entry a little quicker such as when applying a texture to the model. I know that doesn’t help every case but there are a couple areas that can be accelerated by tabbing.


hmm thanks. Yea I can see that helping in some cases, Ill make use of the tip. :slight_smile: