Change Voxelizer from one computer to another


how can i reset the voxelizer licence to change to a new computer?


You don’t need to reset the license - it is connected to your account. To use Voxelizer on a new computer, you just need to install Voxelizer and log in with your account and password.


we need to change the mail asociated to the licence to a new corporate mail, and the voxelizer says

This license code is invalid or has already been claimed.


WE need some kind of response, there is some way to do what we are asking.


Please create a new Voxelizer account, then we will move the license from the old account to the new one.
Please contact us at, thank you.


I answered your question by mail but I still did not get an answer

I don’t know the previous mail, they want to move both licences to this account

it is posible to have both licences in the same account?



Hi! Please, check your e-mail.

It is not possible to have two licenses on the same account. One printer provides one license, which can be used for Voxelizer account: for example, if your organisation has three printers, 3 users can have their own Voxelizer accounts.


Ok, then you can confirm that one acount is in and the other is in


License 1: (its 0K)
License 2:


can you confirm this???


Regarding the e-mail, we can’t find it in our system. Did you create a new account with this e-mail?