Change Spacing between Raft and Part

On the Crane Quad, any parts printed are very difficult to remove from their raft. Giving an option to increase the distance between raft and part would help solve this.

Hi @alaric.hyland the parameter you are looking for is called “Power raft empty space” and it’s part of the filament presets. Or you can use the quick settings to edit it on the fly.
If you say that it’s happening on every model of your Crane Quad, you can create a clone of the printer profile and add a filament specific rule for that, like so:


Interesting; doubling the default value of 0.125 mm still makes it difficult to remove; if anything, it’s harder to remove. If I set the layer 3 infill to 100%, would it be cleaner to pop off?

The best choice of parameter to facilitate the removal of the power raft is the empty space. If this doesn’t work maybe you could switch to another solution, like brim or skirt. Is power raft necessary in your case?

Depends on the part, obviously. A few people that request parts on the printer have things that can’t elephants foot, so it’s best to print them on said raft.

I see. You could also try to change the ‘Power raft 3 layer infill’ parameter and have less lines on the last layer of the raft.