Can't log in and program crashes on closing


If I log out I get error trying to log into website saying invalid username or password. If I do recovery I can get logged in as log as I don’t log out again. Can’t use program AT ALL. keeps saying invalid login. Program crashes every-time I try and close it.


Hello David,

Are you using your username or your email in your login attempts? At this moment logging in both from Voxelizer and on the website only works with the email address, so please make sure you’re using that instead of the username.


Additionally, if you’re behind some strong corporate/institutional firewall, you might need to add a rule to allow Voxelizer to connect with our servers gateway at


I recently also experienced the same bug/issue. I successfully logged a few computers onto our email account in order to do a teaching class on how to use Voxelizer, however on a Mac OS it would crash every time upon entering the username (email address) and password. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I tried logging out of all other computers and logging on, that too didn’t work. Any suggestions?