Cannot Download Voxelizer




I can’t download Voxelizer. It won’t start downloading. I have tried in Windows 10 on IE, Edge, and Chrome.


Could you try again? It might be a temporary issue.


It works. Thank you for fixing it.


me too the same right now.


I have the same issue. Can’t download.


I’m having this issue as well. Clicking on the download link just goes to a splash page that thanks me for downloading. =/


Same or me. Impossible to download (Sierra/Safari, Chrome - W10/Edge)


This download issue is representative of the Voxelizer software. I have a lot of frustration using the software for the M3D Crane Quad and it is the only software that works for the color mixing feature of the Crane Quad. The software crashes when I use it for larger prints. It doesn’t save the colors I create. The print quality is bad and I have spent many hours playing with the settings and print quality.

The quality of the print from Voxelizer slicing software is horrible. I tried Cura slicing software to see if it was my printer and it printed beautifully so it’s the Voxelizer software that is bad. Unfortunately Cura doesn’t support the quad mixing capabilities of my printer. It just picks one of the filaments and uses it.


Hello everyone, sorry for the problem, we had an issue with our server. Please try now.


Could you share an example of a large print that lead to a crash? Regarding the quality, could you be more specific? What are exactly the issues? Maybe we can help you to improve your settings.


Just a heads up, it took two tries for me to get it to work.
Thank you however!


The one on the right is from Cura slicing software and came out great. The one on the left is from Voxeilizer. The Surface is rough and has holes. I have tried a dozen with different settings and with the highest quality settings and the print is still bad. The worst parts are around the embossed letters and the letters themselves.


Hi @andrewsayler, sorry for late reply. Could you send us the STL of this model and the gcode that you used for it? We will try to test it on our Crane Quad here.