Cannot Download Voxelizer Experimental


Tried several browsers, redirects to Thank You page without any download. Right clicking and Open in New Tab on chrome goes to “502 Bad Gateway”.


Same here. Just got a M3D Quad Crane, but now I can’t get Voxelizer to download.


Could you try again? It should be repaired now.


I’m getting the same thing. I get a message saying thanks for downloading, but no download. I too have a Crane quad. I tried downloading the older version (1.4) and that worked. But none of the download links for experimental work, regardless of OS.


I’m trying to download for Windows to use with the crane and it just goes directly to the thank you for downloading screen without anything downloading. Is there a different link that I can use to download?

Thanks in Advance!


Ditto on 502 Bad Gateway as of a few minutes ago.