Cannot connect to a CraneQuad


On my notebook, I’m using a USB-Network adapter to connect to my CraneQuad. This gives me TWO network adapters and WIFI.

The second Metwork Adapter is set up as a direct connection bridge getween the computer at address and the printer’s IP address is

Using Firefox, I am able to connect to the printer. But, in Voxelizer I get an “Unhandled error has occured while establishing network connection” Any thoughts?

I don’t mind simply saving to a file.

BTW: Spelling should be “occurred”


Tom, you’re on uncharted territory here as we don’t have a quad at hand to test the connection with :slight_smile:

The Ethernet connection in Voxelizer currently operates on the ancient Telnet protocol and is only used for controlling the printer, not for sending files. The Crane might be using some different method of communication, or perhaps only exposing the web interface.

@davidh_m3d, maybe you could point us to some source that describes Crane’s Ethernet capabilities?


Actually, sending the file to any directory works just as well with the Crane. Through the printer’s interface we can import any gcode file to the printer and it will copy the file to the printer’s SD. So, being able to print directly from Voxelizer is a non-issue.


The other option would be using OctoPrint. Voxelizer recently added that.


Hey Folks! I do apologize for the lack of response @kyp – I hope you’re well! Tom and I are in conversation quite regularly, but I do appreciate you catching this one.

I also want to let you all know that I"ll be around the forums quite a bit more, assisting with issues related to the M3D Crane series, QuadFusion head, and the Duet Maestro. I have been in a bit of a development cave for a while, but have emerged once again. =)