Cannot connect the printer to my PC

Greetings! I am a new user and failed to connect my Zmorph VX all-in-one Printer to my PC. It always shows the PC cannot recognize the USB. Did anyone have the same problem? Please help out. Thank you so much

Hello, I have the same issue, I think I followed correctly the explanations. I give try in both MacOS and Windows and with both Voxelizer 2 and Voxelizer Experimental.
Since the 3th of October , did find a solution ?

Thanks :handshake:

Does anyone monitor this site?
This same problem is showing up in September 2020…
Firmware version 1.2.1

Hi, the solution is in fact easy, when the Zmorph is connected to the computer, then just press the reset button. Then the ID of the printer is recognized by the computer.
For me it works each time.