Can someone suggest how to print this?



I was wondering if anyone had successfully printed gradient on the Zmorph with this software?

If the image works I am looking for a part that looks like this:

I suggested to add a concentric infill to the software specifically because this type of print doesn’t really work with a rectilinear infill. I have tried to increase the outline count (this is how I cheated a concentric infill before), but for some reason it is not working for this print. Does anyone have an idea of how to get this part?

Gradient is for cosmetic purposes



It seems interesting. How did u do that? You set infill type rectilinear but increased outline count? Then how to add gradient like that?


Yes, but the center is still rectilinear which will not work. The gradient was added with the texture option in the beta software.


Thanks for the response! I tried to do that but it wont work, I mean that pattern. You used step gradient pattern right? and used image options for two sides of the part.