Blobbing on the artifact brim


Not really sure where to put this because I am not really convinced this is an issue in Voxelizer, but any idea would be appreciated.

When I am doing a print as the nozzle is circling around printing an artifact brim there is a slight pause and retraction when it’s going around and making the print. This is causing a little filament to sit and ooze out of the nozzle creating blobs on the artifact. Sometimes they get pushed down other times they end up getting big enough to cause a shift from the nozzle hitting it. I’d appreciate any ideas anyone might have to resolve this.

I have calibrated esteps on all the extruders, am printing at 90% extrusion with PLA after doing a single wall cube print to verify extrusion. Kinda stumped at this point.


Yes I have to look into this and avoid that little pause completely.


Ok, now it should be fixed. From the next release.


Awesome! I look forward to trying it out!


@agiachino Don’t normally call you out but I pulled the latest and I wanted to say thank you! I don’t see the pause, retract on the Artifact Brim anymore. :+1: