Artifact not purging between layers


I’m using v2.1.0-2018-07-15. I have a test print set up with four hollow cubes. I have each set to a different color, so I would expect the nozzle to purge (print to the artifact) once each layer between each cube. What I am seeing is that the purge happens once, then all 4 cubes print in that color, then the purge happens again and all 4 cubes print the new color so I end up with striped cubes.

I’m attaching my project file and generated gcode.

color_test_cube__PLA_Quad_tower_1k_ART.gcode (376.5 KB)
test cubes.vox (3.6 MB)


I see a similar problem. I don’t believe the artifact algorithm is working properly. I hope there is still some development going on this or that someone at least looks at the bugs :frowning: