Add a filament 'group' for multi-filament printing


First off I’m overall very happy with voxelizer. Thank you!

Ive found that dealing with a 4 filament printer (crane quad) the settings within vox for the filaments can take an excessive amount of back and forth changes and comparison. Miss one setting and you waste your slicing time and have to go back and recheck the lists of settings for which one differs between the filaments that you are using.

The first time I ran into this was when making a vase. You have to change all layer and infill settings to the same thing. Miss 1 top layer setting and you end up with an unwanted layer.

It would be much faster to setup a print if there was a 5th column that you could set the options for all filaments at the same time. Then ideally you could also visually check and see which if any settings were differing.


Hi @davebpokemail, thank you for your feedback! It is a nice idea, we will consider it.