0.6 mm nozzle selection


there is a way to select a 0.6mm nozzle in voxelizer?


What printer do you use? To use another nozzle size, you will need to duplicate the printer profile you are going to use.

  1. Go to the profile printer and click on an eye button:

  2. Choose the button “COPY AND EDIT” in up-right corner:

  3. Choose the extruder you are going to use, for this example we will choose Single 1.75. Then Click “Add possible nozzle size”. Fill a proper nozzle diameter:


  4. After the edition click on up-left corner button “SAVE & EXIT”. After the procedure, please choose the printer and choose the 0.6mm size.


BTW i´m using the ZmorphVX. And the voxelizer i have, do not have the eye button, mi version is 2.0.0


On the 2.0 this is not possible. We recommend switching to the Experimental version, it’s pretty stable now :slight_smile: At least on Windows.